Hi I’m Clarice Davis otherwise known as Midwife Clarice

I once had a dream to work for myself, I wanted to be autonomous in my midwifery practice, I wanted to help women have respectful and fulfilling experiences. 


However, the start of my journey wasn’t easy.  I found all the documents I needed really confusing, I didnt know where I was going to source this and that, it was all very time consuming.  I didn't how to stock my birth kit, where to get the newborn screening cards, baby books or who to contact for ANYTHING. I was also feeling deflated by the constant birth trauma I had witnessed.

I felt like I was asking questions all over the shop and I would’ve loved to have one place to go to get all the information.

So now I have built an on-container as an opportunity for you to get yourself set up in private practice with a step-by-step guide on the nuts and bolts of getting yourself ready in business without all the unnecessary confusion.

If you are registered midwife in Australia and share the same dream as I had, this container is for you.

I can honestly say, I wake up every morning loving the idea of going to “work.” I’m self-employed, I have freedom and most of all I have a deep satisfaction in the work I do. I feel freedom!

This online container that I have created, will support your initial transition into private practice.

I work as a privately practising Midwife offering homebirth and I want to share with you, my knowledge in how I got where I am today, I know this important to share because this is a really complex task and not just as easy as quitting your day job and starting tomorrow. I want to make this as stress free as possible, and get you started tomorrow with the support you deserve.

You and I both know that Midwives are leaving the profession in droves, we are seeing critical staff shortages, staffing levels that are not appropriate for mother and babies and midwives are getting burnt out, dissatisfied and traumatised by what they see day in and day out. You don’t have to work like this! The next generation of midwives are ready to collaborate, practise autonomously and most importantly, bring birth back to the women!


My goal is to help you through this moment, past this and totally over this. I want to give you my knowledge so that you can step up and step forward and be the Midwife you really dreamed of when you were a student. I want you to be confident, self-employed and trusting of birth again. I want to see you succeed into your transition to privately practising Midwife and I want you to start earning money in your very own business.

I promise you, I was just like you six years ago, lost in the system, dissatisfied with my work but I knew things could be better and that’s why I stepped forward and started my journey into private practice and you can do it too. If you have been wondering how to start, dreaming of job satisfaction and working with amazing clients then this is your sign.

The Nuts & Bolts of Private Practice Midwifery

This container focuses on the nitty gritty, nuts and bolts of private practice midwifery; for example, having absolutely done nothing to start your business and feeling completely lost to in eight weeks having a direction, a simple business model, all your own branded documents and some tools to begin to trust birth again.

This is your sign sister, that you can have your dream business, it can work for you and you can have a job satisfaction, more than you’ve ever dreamt.

I’m offering this container for a limited number of midwives so that I can give you all the love and guidance you need. It’s going to start mid March 2023 and after the limit has been reached I will close registration until I have capacity to run another container again, which likely will not be for another year.

I really hope you get on this the opportunity; life is fun in the private midwifery world. 

Love Clarice xx