Home Birth

For women planning on birthing at home in the Whitsundays, Queensland, I offer bespoke midwifery care from preconception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

I believe that every woman has the right to safe, accessible and respectful care with a known midwife.

My care encompasses your unique family as a whole and I offer 24 hour on-call support through out your journey. You know there will always be a familiar voice to ease any concerns.

Our journey together will be more than a quick physical assessment or antenatal checkup, rather a journey walked beside you, a check in with you and baby to make sure you are receiving the gold standard of maternity care.

As an Endorsed Midwife I am able to order your pathology, ultrasounds and complete any referrals should you wish to have these done. 

Having a private midwife to me means having someone with you every step of the way. I believe my "job" is provide you with the latest evidenced based information and allow you to decide what feels right to you without judgement.

I pride myself on helping you prepare for your birth with educational classes to build on your birth knowledge, coping skills, decision making skills, we will delve into your inner desires for birth and motherhood.

I posses the knowledge on local hospitals and birthing options ie: water birth, VBAC, gestational diabetes, advanced maternal age, planned and non-planned caesarean birth and will provide you with resources and evidence-based information.

After your baby is born the journey with me continues for up to 6 weeks, which I believe is such a crucial time. I am sensitive, compassionate and will help you navigate the early parenting journey.

I believe that women should leave their appointments feeling, educated, empowered and excited. No questions should be left unanswered.

For booking info please contact me - clarice@midwifeclarice.com

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