Birth Mentoring

One On One Birth Mentor

My most popular offering.

I will guide you on an informative journey through your pregnancy, where you will learn easy relaxation techniques, optimal positioning for labour and birth, pain relief options and common interventions. The birth mentor sessions are individualised to your personal requirements, whether it is for fear release or practical advice.
You will tap into your own innate wisdom and feel confident in the choices you make for you and your baby by creating empowering birth environments. I will teach you the 6 things you must know when making any decisions in pregnancy.
In each session I will use different modalities such as guiding you in mediation or using distant Reiki to unlock any fears, health issues or challenges you may have and where you can unlock your highest power, intuition. I work with women all over the world, helping them move toward to the birth that is right for them, helping them realise their breastfeeding goals and discover a wonderful relationship with their baby.
You don’t need to walk this journey alone or in fear of the unknown. Support is essential and together I can help you find your way.
My wish for you is you enter your birthing journey feeling confident, welcoming your baby in to this world gently and feeling strong.
The rewards from this beautiful, deep work, will stay with you forever.

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Use the link below to pay and book your 1:1 mentoring sessions. These sessions are $150AUD per session and run for approx 60 minutes .

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